Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wrong Door

This article comments on the proliferation of heavy-handed unnecessary police tactics - "No-kock" warrants. It's yet another example of abuse of power - both in legal terms and firepower terms.

If you've ever watched "Dallas SWAT" on A & E, you're probably like me and wonder why heavy-handed SWAT tactics are used to serve search warrants and the like. I fully understand the value of SWAT in obvious situations (like armed hostages), but I think we (and local governments) are giving the police a free pass by letting them use obscene amounts of force at high expense to perform marginally riskier police work.

This is driven by the seductive worst-case scenario argument of "what if the suspect is armed and dangerous?" but the logical conclusion to this is fully-armored street policing of jaywalkers.

Wrong Door

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With my new friends on the Great Wall of China

With my new friends on the Great Wall of China
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