Monday, March 08, 2004

Hasta La Russa?

I've said for a long while that Tony LaRussa - often branded a "genius" has recorded average results for more than a decade, which this article corroborates.

LaRussa's great innovation was the handling of relief pitchers, particularly 1) retread starting pitchers, and 2) the extreme reliance on favorable lefty-lefty or righty-righty matchups in high-leverage late inning situations. (i.e. his handling of Rick Honeycutt and Dennis Eckersley.)

Over time, the rest of the league either imitated him or anticipated his moves, and he has largely come back to earth. He's had the benefit of one of the top budgets, but has continued to NOT develop young pitching - a common thread wherever he has managed - thus he's posted mediocre results, though his apologizers say that he has unfairly not had enough pitching (but he would if he developed any!)

All of this comes with one of the most expensive price-tags in the game. I'm stunned that the Cardinals have accepted LaRussa's performance at his price.

Hasta La Russa?

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With my new friends on the Great Wall of China
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