Monday, March 15, 2004

Just curious.....

2 of the bigger hot button political issues right now are 1) job outsourcing (to foreign locations) and 2) prescription drug prices.

I wonder how many people have a unified view of the 2 issues? This is a meaningful question, since the most common solution to problem #2 is problem #1 - i.e. lower prescription drug prices thru the direct importation of prescription drugs from other countries (use cheaper foreign sources to deliver lower prices.) Importing goods or services can deliver lower prices for consumers, but for some reason imported products = good, imported services = bad. Hopefully this is just a phase that we'll grow out of, but I'm still shocked by the naiviety towards these issues by prominent politicians.

One batch of naive politicians are the group that would tend to be pro-outsourcing and anti-drug importation. This is contrary to the free market point of view that would argue for transparency and low barriers to curency (or product) flow.

Worse so would be the point of view that is anti-outsourcing but pro-drug importation. Unfortunately, this is the current populist perspective espoused by far too many prominent politicians abandoning principles for vote$.

But even this policy is preferable over a legislated middle ground that would include price controls and some form of control over job transfers.

The States and Outsourcing

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With my new friends on the Great Wall of China
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